Blockchain technology and systems

Distributed conformance algorithms and protocols

Block chain performance

Information storage system

Blockchain scalability

Blockchain is decentralized autonomous organizations

Security of blockchain systems

Continue the security applications of blockchain

Blockchain smart contract security

Blockchain encryption direction security

DNS security class applications

Design of the data model

Transaction execution process

internetwork communication

Optimization of the consensus protocol

Consensus algorithm

Distributed identity

Blockchain for commercial applications

Copyright and Internet content areas

Financial applications in closed-loop formats

Self-organized, peer-to-peer areas of collaboration

The theme combined with the discipline of finance

Other related topics

information technology:

Information Systems and Technology

international business

Accounting and Financial Information Systems

Business Strategy and Information Technology


Information system planning and management

The Application of Information Technology

Internet technology

computer simulation

programming language

E-commerce and e-government

Information technology management

Wireless communications and mobile computing

Educational system and its application

Information Economy and Management


Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Business Intelligence and Management

Communications and Networks

Computational Science and Technology

Data mining, data warehousing, and knowledge discovery

New and important applications and trends

computer project:

numerical analysis

operating system

Programming paradigm

Quantum computing theory

requirement analysis

scientific calculation

computer programming


evolutionary computing

programming in logic

machine learning

software engineering

software test

symbolic mathematics

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Advanced adaptive signal processing

Spectrum estimation and modeling

Spectrum analysis and the wavelet of the

High-order spectral analysis

Adaptive filtering and the SP

Array signal processing

Hardware implementation of signal processing

Voice and audio encoding

Speech synthesis and recognition

Image processing and understanding

The PDE of the image processing

Video compression and streaming transmission

Computer Vision and Virtual Reality

Multimedia and human-computer interaction

Statistical learning and pattern recognition

Artificial intelligence and neural networks

Communication signal processing

The Internet and the wireless communications

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